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Why we love sport

Sport inspires us, it moves us and it can transform lives. We work with sport because it has the ability to move us towards a better society.

What is the Bluestone Way?

Our aim at Bluestone Edge is to develop ethically sound leaders and organisational cultures without sacrificing sustainability or optimal performance at any level.

Who is Bluestone Edge?

Bluestone Edge was originally founded by Dr Pippa Grange in 2010. It was created out of her passion to assist sports people and organisations to flourish.

What does Bluestone Edge do?

Culture Reviews and Research

Bluestone Edge and our community of partners engage in projects, reviews and research in our respective fields of interest across sport, culture, ethics and leadership.

Culture, ethics, performance psychology and leadership

Bluestone Edge provide quality consultancy services in culture, ethics, performance psychology and leadership, especially, but not exclusively for sporting organisations.

High Performance Leadership Coaching

The eternal debate of leadership is whether a leader is born or made. Either way, every now and then a leader will benefit from a ‘recalibration’ of who they are and why they do what they do.



Bluestone Edge exists to help organisations build performance-enhancing cultures that are driven by ethical leadership.

How does your high performance culture measure up?

Brand and story62%
Clarity and unity of purpose72%
Energy & well-being 58%
Ethical thinking56%
Quality and character of relationships65%
Standards and accountabilities87%

Our Clients

We have worked with a range of professional sporting organisations, government agencies, corporates, NGOs and universities.
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